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From the time we receive your first call, we will diligently work with you to complete your project. Below are a few of the steps we take to ensure a swift, quality completion of your project.
Initial Meeting - We will schedule a complimentary meeting to discuss your needs and desires. We will give you a budget
range for the project based on historical data and research any zoning issues that might affect your project.
Design meeting - Once you have decided to work with Altamaha Construction Services Inc., we will arrange a meeting with our
Designer and Project Manager to interview you with the goal of designing a space that works for you and the way you live. Our
goal will be to design a project that will meet your needs for a price that you can afford.
Depending on the size and scope of the project; we may hold several meetings with you or your representative to go over vari-
ous aspects of the proposed design to ensure that we capture your vision of what the project should be. We will also work with
you to help you select the products and materials that will be used in the project. Be sure to visit the design center page of this
website for design ideas and to find detailed information on many of the products that you are likely to use on your project.
The design process is key to determining the cost of your project. Through the design of the building or space, we will work to
design a building that will reach your budgetary goals.
Building Measurements - For most renovation and remodeling projects, we will need to have access to the interior and exteri-
or of the building to measure its existing area, including rooms and other areas that are related to the work to be performed. We
will also take pictures of the existing building and site conditions. This step is necessary to determine the best direction to pro-
ceed with the project and ensure the accuracy of the plans, resulting in the best possible outcome of the project.
Subcontractor Meetings - Depending on the scope of your project, we may schedule meetings with tradesmen who may be
working on the project. A careful inspection of the existing conditions will be conducted so that the construction process can be
determined and scheduled.
Contract signing meeting - After a complete analysis of the project, including cost for material, labor and subcontract services,
we will schedule a meeting with you to present you with a cost proposal to complete the project in accord with your expectation.
Once the cost proposal is accepted and the construction agreement is signed, we will proceed with the project, seeing it to
completion, and doing so with the highest level of excellence and professionalism. Most projects will require a deposit of 5% to
20% depending on the cost, size and other specifics of the project. The deposit is usually paid at the time the construction
contract is signed. Separate agreements and deposits may be required on some projects.
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